Life in the Department

Progress Report

The Cell Biology Department has a longstanding weekly Progress Report series in which graduate students and postdocs give talks about their research in front of the whole department. This is a great forum for everyone to hear and learn about the research going on in other labs, and for both graduate students and postdocs to hone their presentation skills. Every Cell Biology student is expected to present a Progress Report talk each year beginning the 3rd year.

Progress Report is held in C428 SHM on Friday from 11 AM to noon during most of the year except in summer. Each speaker has 30 min for the talk and questions. During the summer, Carl Hashimoto ( and Lisa Crotty ( will request from each PI the names of lab members to be put on the progress report speakers list for the coming year. Students 3rd year and up are required to give a progress report every year and are automatically scheduled unless a special waiver is requested by the student’s PI. 

It is the responsibility of the speaker, and ultimately of the speaker’s PI, to find a replacement in case the speaker cannot speak on the assigned date.

Each speaker is required to submit the talk title to Lisa at least a week prior to the scheduled date of the talk.

Refreshments of bagels, muffins, and coffee/tea are served 10:45am.


The Cell Biology Department hosts a weekly seminar series in which scientists from other institutions or from other Yale departments are invited to talk about their research. The seminar is generally held on Tuesday at 1:00 pm in varying rooms at the medical school, including C428 SHM, 110 Hope, Brady Auditorium (B131) and The Anlyan Center TACN107. Coffee/tea and cookies are available 15 minutes before the seminar. 

It is expected that all students will attend all of the seminars offered by the Cell Biology seminar series, regardless of topic.

Students and postdocs, in addition to faculty, are strongly encouraged to invite and host seminar speakers. Please discuss names of potential speakers with Elisabetta Ullu (, the faculty currently in charge of the seminar series. Susan McMahon ( and Camilla Parente  ( are in charge of travel arrangements, seminar announcements, and meeting appointments for seminar speakers. Hosts are responsible for ensuring that their speakers have an enjoyable time while visiting the department.

Students and postdocs are also strongly encouraged to attend a session with the seminar speaker held immediately after the seminar, usually in room C225 SHM. In addition to cheese and crackers snack , this is a great opportunity to meet the seminar speaker. Please contact either Susan McMahon ( or Camilla Parente  ( if interested in having lunch with a particular seminar speaker.