We take seriously our responsibility to reach out and educate the public about the importance of cell biology in the modern world.

We at Yale Cell Biology are deeply committed to inspiring and training the future generation of scientists. We recently hosted students from Sheriden Middle School, a magnet school that focuses on science and technology. The students visited labs, talked with graduate students, post-docs and principle investigators, and observed scientists at work. In the future, we intend to continue reaching out to students, young and old, and informing the public of our recent insights into the workings of cells.

We take pride in fostering a close-knit sense of community here at Yale. We run an annual retreat organized by faculty and students for all departmental staff, we hold weekly progress reports where postdocs and students have the opportunity to present their work to the entire community, we have bi-weekly happy hours with exceptional wines and cheeses, we have an active seminar program which involves students, postdocs and faculty equally in selecting and hosting speakers, we provide careful mentoring for new students and new faculty.

We also take communication with our scientific colleagues most seriously. The Department is currently the home to the prestigious Journal of Cell Biology, and we maintain a free access database of classical and updated images of cell fine structure and live cell imagery (see "Resources for Cell Imaging"; "Cell Bio Imagery" ).