Membrane Trafficking Faculty

Bogan, Jonathan S

Associate Professor of Medicine (Endocrinology) and of Cell Biology

Research Interests:Protein trafficking; Ubiquitin-like modification; Cell structure; Insulin signaling; Type 2 diabetes; Metabolic diseases

Clinical Interests:General endocrinology; diabetes

Burd, Chris

Professor of Cell Biology
Deputy Chairman

Research Interests:organelle biogenesis, endocytosis, secretion, phosphoinositide signaling

Caplan, Michael J

C. N. H. Long Professor of Cellular and Molecular Physiology and Professor of Cell Biology
Chair, Cellular and Molecular Physiology

Research Interests:Ion pumps in polarized epithelia; Sorting and function

Cresswell, Peter

Eugene Higgins Professor of Immunobiology and Professor of Cell Biology and of Dermatology

Research Interests:Molecular mechanisms of antigen processing; Assembly and intracellular transport of CD1 molecules, Class I and Class II MHC molecules; Effector functions; mechanisms of action of interferon-induced proteins; Viral immunity

De Camilli, Pietro

John Klingenstein Professor of Neuroscience
Director, Yale Program in Cellular Neuroscience, Neurodegeneration and Repair

Research Interests:Synapses; Membrane Traffic; Endocytosis; Clathrin; Dynamin; Phosphoinositides; Lipid Metabolism; Lowe Syndrome; Bar Proteins; Neurodegeneration; Membrane Contact Sites

Clinical Interests:N/A

Gorelick, Fred

Professor of Medicine (Digestive Diseases) and of Cell Biology
Deputy Director, Yale M.D., Ph.D. Program

Research Interests:Exocrine pancreas; Pancreatitis; Intracellular proteolysis; Vacuolar ATPase; AMPK; Protein kinase C

Jamieson, James Douglas

Professor of Cell Biology
Special Advisor, MD/PhD Program

Research Interests:Endocrine pancreas; Secretory pathways; Lung development

Melia, Thomas

Associate Professor of Cell Biology

Research Interests:Macroautophagy; Autophagy

Mooseker, Mark S

Ross Granville Harrison Prof of Molecular, Cellular & Dev Biology
and Pathlogy

Research Interests:The cytoskeleton. Epithelial cell biology. molecular motors

Nathanson, Michael Harris

Gladys Phillips Crofoot Professor of Medicine (Digestive Diseases) and Professor of Cell Biology
Section Chief, Digestive Diseases
Director, Yale Liver Center
Director, Center for Cell and Molecular Imaging

Research Interests:Mechanisms and effects of calcium signals in polarized epithelia; Effect of spatial organization of calcium signals on organ function regulation; Factors that organize Ca2+ waves in hepatocytes; Organization and effects of Ca2+ waves in cholangiocytes; Mechanisms and effects of Ca2+ signals in the nucleus

Clinical Interests:Inpatient care related to hepatology; end stage liver disease, and gastroenterology; Advanced endoscopic imaging techniques; endomicroscopy.

Reinisch, Karin Marion

Associate Professor of Cell Biology

Rothman, James E

Fergus F. Wallace Professor of Cell Biology and Professor of Chemistry
Chairman, Department of Cell Biology
Director, Nanobiology Institute

Research Interests:Elucidating the underlying mechanisms of vesicular transport within cells; Secretion of hormones and neurotransmitters

Toomre, Derek K.

Associate Professor of Cell Biology
Director of the YALE 'CINEMA' Laboratory (Cellular Imaging using New Microscopy Approaches)

Research Interests:Cell Biology; Exocytosis; Endocytosis; Membrane Traffic; Tethering; Microscopy; Live Cell Imaging; TIRFM; Single molecule

Vignery, Agnès M C

Senior Research Scientist in Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation and in Cell Biology

Research Interests:Differentiation mechanism of osteoblasts; Fusion mechanism of macrophages

Zhang, Yongli

Associate Professor of Cell Biology

Research Interests:Single-molecule biophysics and biochemistry; Optical tweezers; ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling; SNAREs; Membrane fusion; Membrane fission; Dynamin